Unlocking the benefits of zoned underfloor heating

Unlocking the benefits of zoned underfloor heating

As the prospect of even colder weather looms, homeowners and businesses alike are turning up the heating – and subsequently facing rising energy costs.

When it comes to cost-effectively keeping a home or commercial space warm, the spotlight is on zoned underfloor heating.

As a trusted provider of underfloor heating solutions for the retail sector, we’re looking at what zoned underfloor heating is, how it works and the many benefits of installing it in a residential or commercial property.

What is zoned underfloor heating?

Zoned underfloor heating refers to a heating system which features different areas or ‘zones’ which can be separately controlled.

Electric heating elements or water-filled underfloor heating pipes are installed within or beneath the floor in zones, with each zone controlled individually, rather than a thermostat controlling the heating for an entire building.

For example, less frequently used rooms like bathrooms can be set at a different temperature to more frequently used rooms like a living room or bedroom. Or, the living room zone could be turned off at night, while the bedroom zone is turned on.

What are the benefits of zoned underfloor heating?

There are a number of benefits of zoned underfloor heating, including:

  • Customised control

One of the main benefits of zoned underfloor heating is better and more personalised control.

When paired with fully programmable thermostats, a zoned underfloor heating system can be moulded to match your needs. Different zones can be set at different temperatures at different times during the day.

This helps to provide a comfortable heat throughout a home, office or other commercial building – so each room is warm when you need it!

  • Boosted efficiency

Underfloor heating is typically more energy-efficient than traditional heating systems such as radiators and boilers.

It runs at a lower temperature, meaning it takes less time to heat up and can reduce energy consumption, making it more energy efficient overall.

And, when installed in zones, underfloor heating systems can operate even more efficiently as you only need to warm a room when necessary, meaning less energy is wasted by heating unused rooms.

In addition, when paired with smart thermostats, the efficiency of zoned underfloor heating can be boosted even further!

Our DT-two and DT-two+ thermostats are both fully programmable, complete with a seven-day schedule and open window technology. This ensures underfloor heating operates at an ideal temperature to minimise energy use – and recognises when a window is open to help reduce energy wastage.

  • Cost-effective warmth

As a zoned underfloor heating system only heats spaces when needed, less energy is required, and less money is spent on energy bills.

UK energy costs are fluctuating – and wholesale energy prices are on average still higher than pre-pandemic levels – so a more cost-effective warmth is a significant benefit of zoned underfloor heating, particularly for businesses with no price cap in place.

  • Increased property value

Underfloor heating has been known to increase the value of a property.

Fully controllable heating which is energy-efficient and can help to reduce costs for the property owner is a desirable asset, whether it’s a commercial or residential building.

Plus, many buyers are enticed by the luxuriously comfortable warmth underfloor heating provides, making it an additional selling point for a property!

  • Easy to control

The simplicity of zoned underfloor heating control is a key factor in its widespread appeal.

When paired with fully programmable thermostats to separately control each zone, managing the temperature in multiple areas becomes effortless.

It’s a hassle-free and intuitive way to personalise heating for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Plus, temperature control can be made even easier with a smart thermostat. Our DT-two+ thermostats have Wi-Fi connectivity and smart home integration, so no hub is required and the zoned underfloor heating system can be controlled directly from an app.

  • Comfortable heat

Buildings with underfloor heating are known as more comfortably warm spaces.

Underfloor heating provides even warmth by radiating heat from the ground up, eliminating the cold spots which are common with traditional radiators.  

Plus, zoned underfloor means you can heat your kitchen while cooking in the evening and pre-warm your bedroom before bedtime, ensuring cosy floors wherever you are.

Looking for underfloor heating? Amber can help!

Zoned underfloor heating is a versatile and efficient heating solution, offering both comfort and energy savings for homeowners and businesses alike.

With more and more people looking for zoned underfloor heating in their homes, office or other commercial venues, tradespeople will be searching for the products their clients are seeking.

Here at Amber Underfloor Heating, we supply highly efficient, effective and durable wet and electric underfloor heating systems to tradespeople through wholesalers, distributers and kitchen, bathroom and tile show rooms.

Alongside our unique and comprehensive range of Amber branded products, we are also the leading supplier of DEVI products in the UK and Ireland.

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