The Ultimate Guide to Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

With its rising popularity for delivering energy-efficient, cost-effective and consistent cosiness beneath your feet, electric underfloor heating is capturing the attention of homeowners and tradespeople alike.

As more and more people are discovering the benefits of this heating solution, we’re shining a spotlight on one type of electric underfloor heating system – heating mats!

Whether you’re a tradesperson installing an electric underfloor heating mat – or a retailer keen to stock the products your customers are looking for – this guide contains everything you need to know about electric underfloor heating mats.

How do electric underfloor heating mats work?

Electric underfloor heating mats are a form of radiant heating, installed beneath a floor to deliver warmth in residential and commercial buildings.

The mats consist of interwoven heating cables or wires attached to a thin, flexible mat which is placed on the subfloor and covered with the top flooring material of choice – like tile, laminate or hardwood.

Powered by electricity, the heating cables within the mats produce heat which is radiated through the floor covering and evenly distributed across the surface to provide consistent warmth throughout the room.

A thermostat is installed to control the system’s temperature.

What types of electric underfloor heating mats are available?

There are two main types of electric underfloor heating mats: mesh mats and foil mats.

Mesh mats feature heating elements attached to a strong and flexible self-adhesive mesh. An example of this is our AmberMat which is just 4mm thick and has a 360° fully screened twin conductor encompassed within a tough yellow PVC outer sheath.

Heating foil mats feature heating cables within an aluminium dissipation layer which helps to evenly spread the heat, like our Amber Heating Foil Mat. These should be installed with insulation boards.

Electric underfloor heating mats are also available at different wattages.

Our AmberMat is available in 100W/m² and 150W/m². The former is best used as secondary heating, while the latter produces more heat and makes a great primary heating source.

Where can electric underfloor heating mats be installed?

Electric underfloor heating mats are versatile solutions which are suitable for both new-build constructions and renovation projects.

They are popular in retrofits as the system requires minimal floor build-up and therefore causes minimal disruption during installation.

Typically, electric underfloor heating mats are installed in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms as their discreet nature makes them an ideal choice.

Electric underfloor heating mats are also embraced in commercial settings such as offices, hotels, and retail spaces, where they offer an unobtrusive and energy-efficient solution for maintaining comfortable temperatures.

Which is the best electric underfloor heating mat to use?

The most suitable mat will depend on the project.

Certain mats are more suited to certain subfloors or floor coverings, so it’s important to consider this before selecting a system.

Also, getting the best results from a system will depend on its purpose. Lower power mats like 100W/m2 will produce less heat, so are better for floor warming. Higher power mats like 150W/m2 can be used as the primary source of heating.

Whether you’re a retailer advising a customer, or a tradesperson searching for the right system for your project, our quick quote template can help to determine which system is best to use.

Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our expert team who can advise you.

What flooring type is most suitable for use with electric underfloor heating mats?

Most floor coverings are suitable for use with electric underfloor heating mats – as long as the floor has been correctly prepared and any manufacturer’s temperature guidelines have been adhered to prior to installation.

Primarily, the ideal floor covering will depend on the mat chosen – but hard, thermally conductive flooring like tile and stone is often the most popular choice.

However, electric heating mats can also be used with laminates, timber and even some carpets.

How to install electric underfloor heating mats?

Electric underfloor heating mats are known for their easy installation.

Prior to fitting, it’s vital to plan the job to ensure obstructions are avoided. You should also regularly test the product for continuity and insulation, as well as thoroughly prepare the subfloor to ensure it’s even, stable, dry and free from any debris.

You can then fit the product by following the installation guidelines – and being careful not to cut or damage the heating elements.

Full installation instructions will depend on the product being used. Take a look at our installation guides to find out more about how to fit individual products – or read our blog five expert tips for electric underfloor heating installation.

What thermostats can be used with electric underfloor heating mats?

Many thermostats are compatible for use with electric underfloor heating mats.

Here at Amber, we have a comprehensive range of thermostats with a range of functions to suit each project.

Our Amber DT-two thermostat is fully programmable, with frost protection, holiday mode and a floor temperature limiting function, helping users get the best from their electric underfloor heating mats.

Our Amber DT-two+ thermostat goes even further, with the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity and smart home integration for easy and customisable comfort.

Where can I get electric underfloor heating mats?

Here at Amber, we’ve been supplying the retail sector with effective, efficient and durable electric underfloor heating system for over 30 years.

We have an extensive network of stockists all over the UK and Ireland, including electrical wholesalers, distributors, kitchen, bathroom and tiling showrooms and plumbers’ merchants – meaning you’re never far from a stockist of Amber underfloor heating products!

If you’re a retailer seeking more information about our offering, discover more about becoming an Amber reseller.

If you’re looking for a seller of Amber products, you can find your local stockist now.

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