The Ultimate Guide to Amber’s New Decoupling Membrane

The Ultimate Guide to Amber’s New Decoupling Membrane

Here at Amber Underfloor Heating, we recently announced the launch of our new and improved decoupling membrane!

From preventing cracks to improving durability, with new features and even better capabilities, we can provide our customers with the latest innovation for their underfloor heating project.

In this article, we’re exploring everything you need to know about our new decoupling membrane – including what it’s used for, its benefits and all the new features which will improve the installation and performance of underfloor heating.

What is a decoupling membrane?

A decoupling membrane is a thin mat – typically with a textured or studded surface – used when installing underfloor heating systems.

Often made from flexible materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and rubber, the membrane has studs which form channels for embedding and fastening underfloor heating cables, as well as prevent any cracking or lifting of the flooring or substrate beneath.

What is a decoupling membrane used for?

There are a number of uses for a decoupling membrane, including:

  • Preventing cracks and damage
    Subfloors can shift over time, causing cracks in flooring. A decoupling membrane provides a barrier which absorbs these movements, preventing tension and stress from reaching and damaging the floor.
  • Improving durability
    By reducing stress, a decoupling membrane can help make both tiled flooring and underfloor heating systems more durable, and therefore longer lasting.
  • Reducing noise
    A decoupling membrane acts as a sound barrier, so can reduce the transmission of noise in a home.
  • Increasing heat distribution
    By creating a more stable substrate, a decoupling membrane helps ensure even heat distribution, making underfloor heating more efficient and effective.
  • Improving tile adhesion
    A decoupling membrane helps to create a better bond between the tiled flooring and the substrate or sub-floor, improving the adhesion of the tiles.

The benefits of using our new decoupling membrane

Our new decoupling membrane is a result of extensive research and development, aimed at providing a new and improved product for the retail sector supplying our underfloor heating systems – and the trade professionals installing them.

Here’s what makes our new decoupling membrane stand out:

1. Versatile and adaptable

Our new decoupling membrane stands out in the market due to its exceptional versatility and adaptability.

Designed to accommodate cable diameters up to 5mm, it comes in two sizes:

  • 1m x 5m
  • 1m x 15m

These size options allow for flexibility and adaptability for various project types, offering options tailored to different installation needs and scales – and providing a solution for any project, whether it’s a small bathroom or a large living area.

2. Enhanced durability

Offering a remarkable 40% higher compression resistance compared to other products, our new decoupling membrane can withstand up to 9,000kg per m².

Plus, it has an air gap volume of 3.1 litre/m2, providing better grip, ensuring that the membrane remains securely in place throughout installation and ongoing use.

The combined benefits of increased compression resistance and improved grip result in enhanced durability, so it delivers consistent performance and remains robust, reliable and stable, even under heavy loads.

3. Superior strength

With 45% more tensile strength, our membrane is built to endure the installation process and consistent use.

This robustness means fewer maintenance issues and a longer lifespan, providing both installers and end-users with confidence in the system’s longevity and performance, with fewer concerns about tears or damage, whatever the flooring type.

4. Better crack-bridging ability

While the EU standard is a minimum of 1.5mm, our new decoupling membrane has double the crack-bridging ability – over 3mm.

This ensures that any stresses and tensions that occur are effectively absorbed, reducing the risk of cracks and damage to tiles and other floor coverings.

Enhanced crack-bridging capability is especially beneficial in environments subject to heavy foot traffic or heavy-loads.

5. Reduced curling and rollback

One of the most common challenges faced during underfloor heating installation is the curling and rollback of the decoupling membrane. These can complicate the installation process, leading to delays and potential imperfections in the finished product.

Thanks to its sturdy polyethylene construction, our new decoupling membrane lays flat and stays flat, reducing curling and rollback to make installation quicker and easier for trade professionals.

6. Improved vapour management

One of the standout features of our new membrane is its enhanced vapour management capabilities.

The faster vapour moves through, the faster it dries, so with studs which have a filling volume 2.2 litre/m2, and a 130 mt equivalent air layer for steam resistance, our new decoupling membrane offers optimal performance.

Plus, with a 25% reduction in drying time, it helps tradespeople work quicker, contributing to overall faster completion of the project – which is key to those on tight deadlines.

7. Maintenance-free convenience

At Amber Underfloor Heating, we understand that hassle-free operation is a top priority for customers.

Our new decoupling membrane is designed to be maintenance-free, so developers and homeowners alike can enjoy a warm, cosy environment with complete peace of mind.

Where can I get the new Amber decoupling membrane?

We’ve been supplying our underfloor heating products to the retail sector for over 30 years.

We have a comprehensive network of stockists – including electrical wholesalers, distributors, kitchen, bathroom and tiling showrooms and plumbers’ merchants – across the UK and Ireland. So, you’ll never be far from an Amber stockist!

If you’re a retailer seeking more information about our offering, discover more about becoming an Amber reseller.

If you’re looking for a seller of Amber products, you can find your local stockist now.

To find out more about Amber Underfloor Heating, get in touch with a member of our friendly team.