DEVI DTIR-10 Heating Cable

DEVI DTIR-10 loose lay cables provide the best flexibility of layout; the cable can be installed within tile adhesive / smoothing compound and many other floor coverings (installation methods differ, please call us for advice).

To ensure a long life-time, all DEVI Underfloor Heating Loose Lay Cables are minutely inspected including tests for Ohmic resistance, high voltage and material controls to ensure the quality. This means that they are proud to supply our full floor extended DEVIwarranty – which even include floor replacement costs!

Full Technical Support is provided free of charge and we will assist with any queries you have to ensure your mind is put at ease throughout the whole process.

Please ensure all Safety Guidelines are adhered to during and after installation of this product. Please be aware, we advise you choose a cable kit that covers 90% of your floor area. You CAN NOT cut the cables, therefore, it is best to order slightly less than you need.

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Operation voltage 220V - 240V

Construction - Round, twin conductor with 360° screen, one cold lead

Cable thickness - 4mm

Outer sheath - PVC

IP Class - IPX7