Amber Smart Thermostat

The Amber Smart is an intuitive wifi programmable thermostat used to control underfloor heating. It will keep a home at  a comfortable temperature whilst minimising energy use. Install the app on your smart phone to control the heating system remotely with the WIFI thermostat.

An app is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Within the App you can program and adjust settings. To control different rooms additional thermostats can easily be added.

Besides the Wi-Fi connection this thermostat can also operate as a stand alone unit. It is fully programmable with the easy user interface and touch buttons.

Also an Open Window function is included. When the temperature suddenly drops, the thermostat will automatically switch off preventing additional electricity costs.

All Amber thermostats come with a 2 Year warranty.

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Operation voltage - 230V

Power Consumption - 2W

Maximum Current - 16A

IP Class - 21