Amber DT-one Thermostat

The Amber DT-one thermostat is a fully programmable touch screen thermostat. Features a 7 day, 6 event heating programme and large white LED touch screen backlit display. The thermostat has a built in sensor and is supplied with a floor sensor.

Allowing you to set 6 periods each day with corresponding pre-set temperatures, with a choice of either ‘manual’ or ‘period control’
mode. Equipped with energy saving functions such as sensor setup and frost protection mode to help reduce heating costs.

All Amber thermostats come with a 2 year warranty.

Each thermostat comes with full installation instructions enclosed, but don’t worry we offer full technical advise should you have any questions relating to the DT-one Thermostat, just give us a call 0800 056 0494.

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Supply Voltage - 230V

Power Consumption - 2W

Max Current - 16A

Housing material - Anti-flammable PC

Ambient temperature - -5°C - 50°C

IP Class - IP20