Amber Alpert MLCP Barrier Pipe 12mm x 1.6mm – 80m coil

WRAS approved

Alpert MLCP Barrier Pipe 12mm x 1.6mm multilayer pipe is a premium multilayer composite pipe with an aluminium layer.  This provides excellent strength, a 100% oxygen barrier, and it holds its shape when bent.

A wide range of complementary accessories to ensure trouble-free fitting; including euroconus pipe connectors, manifolds, pump sets, floor insulation, mounting rail, pipe staples, tacker gun and bend supports.

If ordering multiple coils of the Amber Alpert MLCP Barrier Pipe 12mm x 1.6mm, a pallet delivery will be required on a free 1-2 day service.

Features and Benefits

  • Holds its shape when bent for simple installation
  • 5 layer 100% oxygen barrier
  • Coil lengths: 80m,
  • Suitable for all 12mm fitting systems
  • 50 year design life
  • Marked every metre

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Material: PE-RT / AL / PE_RT

Diameter: 16mm x 2mm

Internal Diameter: 11.95mm + 0.1mm

Minimum Bend Radius:80mm

Weight: 0.10kg/m

Water Volume: 0.113L/min

Accreditations: DVGW W542, DIN EN ISO 21003

Normal Operating Temperature To: 60°C

Normal Operating Pressure To: 6 bar

Minimum Failure Temperature: 95°C

Minimum Failure Pressure: 10 bar