Amber EVOH PERT Pipe 16mm x 2mm

EVOH PERT Pipe 16mm x 2mm consists of 3 layers which is made up of an Evoh Oxygen Barrier (EVOH), an adhesive agent, and an inner layer of Polyethylene of Raise Temperature (PERT) .

The oxygen diffusion barrier encases the inner layer of PE-RT pipe completely to prevent the entry of oxygen into the heating system through the pipe. The tough outer layer is designed to withstand the demands of a worksite ensuring the oxygen barrier remains intact, reducing the risk of corrosion within the heating system.

Product Features:

Size: 16 x 2mm

EVOH PERT Pipe 16mm x 2mm 3 layer barrier pipe constructed of polyethylene of raised temperature (PERT) inner layer and an EVOH outer layer.

Maximum operating temperature 95°C at 8 bar.

Coil Size: 120m, 240m and 400m


  • Corrosion free
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Low weight
  • Flexible an move-friendly
  • High throughput thanks to smooth inner layer
  • Good impact resistance
  • Impermeable to Oxgygen according to DIN 4726 ( heating pipes )

Areas of Application:

  • Under­floor Heating
  • Industrial pipeline construction
  • Radiator connection low temperature
  • Geothermal installations

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Material: PE-RT / Adhesive Agent / EVOH Oxygen Barrier

Diameter: 16mm x 2mm

Maximum Operating Temperature: 95°C at 8 bar

Maximum Operating Pressure: 8 bar

Coil Size: 120m, 240m and 400m

Bending Radius: 5 x D = 80mm

Thermal Conductivity: 0.35 W/m°C

Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 1.8x10-4 m/m°C

Water Capacity: 16mm - 0.12L/min 

Accreditations: ISO 22391 Application class 4/5 DIN 4726

Quality Assurance: ISO9001 : 2015