Choosing the right thermostat for electric underfloor heating

Choosing the right thermostat for electric underfloor heating

Controllability is one of the biggest benefits of electric underfloor heating.

Whilst traditional central heating and wet underfloor heating can offer room-by-room control, it’s typically dependent on having the heating on everywhere.

Electric underfloor heating can run entirely independent in each room – giving users absolute control of when and how warm it is!

This control is delivered by the thermostat – so choosing the right thermostat for your needs is important. As the UK’s leading suppliers of electric underfloor heating systems, we have a number of solutions which are ideal for any application.

So, let’s take a look at the options when choosing the right thermostat for electric underfloor heating:

What does a thermostat do?

An electric underfloor heating thermostat has two main functions:

  1. To turn the heating on and off at the times set by the user
  2. To set and maintain the ideal temperature when on

And, when it comes to the first function, electric underfloor heating already has an advantage over traditional heating.

Central heating systems typically have a centralised thermostat, placed in one location in the home – such as a hallway or upstairs landing.

The thermostat is set to the desired temperature – e.g. 20 degrees. It then measures the ambient air temperature around it and switches the heating on and off as required to achieve the desired temperature.

The disadvantage in a traditional central heating system is that it uses the temperature in a single location to control heat throughout the property.

Though there may be individual radiator thermostats in each room, once the main thermostat reaches the temperature set, certain rooms in the building may remain warmer or cooler than desired.

One of the benefits of electric underfloor heating is that there can be an individual thermostat in every room. This means the temperature can be tailored to the space and eliminate hot spots or cold spaces.

The second function of an electric underfloor heating thermostat is to switch the heating on – and off – at the times desired by the user.

Again, a traditional central heating system typically has a single timer for the complete system. This means that either the whole property is being heated – or not. There is little or no control over individual rooms.

Electric underfloor heating system thermostats can be activated independently in different spaces. For example, living areas like the kitchen and lounge can be warmed throughout the day, whilst heat is only applied to the bedrooms late evening.

Overall, an electric underfloor heating thermostat provides a very high level of control across the building and in individual rooms. With the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity, they can even be accessed from smart devices both in and out of the home.

This control means no one needs return to a cold room or floor ever again!

Types of thermostats

As the UK’s leader in electric underfloor heating, we provide a number of thermostats with a range of features aimed at satisfying every need.

Let’s take a look…

Amber DT-two Thermostat

The Amber DT-two (and the Amber DT-two+) are the latest additions to our range of thermostats.

The DT-two is a fully programmable thermostat for electric underfloor heating, which features:

  • Large colour touchscreen
  • 7-day, 4-period programme – allowing the heating to be switched on and off up to 4 times in any individual day
  • Room temperature and floor temperature sensors
  • Floor temperature limiting function – to ensure the floor itself never becomes too warm for comfort
  • Sensor offset – enabling the user to achieve the perfect balance between room and floor temperature
  • Frost protection – to provide a minimum temperate to safeguard rooms against extreme cold
  • Holiday Mode – to minimise energy use whilst residents are away

Amber DT-two+ Thermostat

The DT-two+ offers all the same features as the DT-two – but with added Wi-Fi connectivity.

This enables it to be seamlessly integrated into a smart home control system – controllable from a smartphone app.

Like all Amber thermostats, it also features a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Amber DT-one Thermostat

The Amber DT-one is the forerunner to the DT-two range but still packs a lot of features.

With an intuitive touchscreen control, it features a 7-day programme – which can be broken into 6 periods each day, with corresponding temperatures and a choice of either ‘manual’ or ‘period control’.

Where can I get electric underfloor heating thermostats?

Here at Amber, we’ve been supplying the retail sector with effective, efficient and durable electric underfloor heating systems for over 30 years.

We have an extensive network of stockists all over the UK and Ireland, including electrical wholesalers, distributors, kitchen, bathroom and tiling showrooms and plumbers’ merchants – meaning you’re never far from a stockist of Amber underfloor heating products!

If you’re a retailer seeking more information about our offering, discover more about becoming an Amber reseller.

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