We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their ongoing loyalty and hope that you are successfully navigating your way through the unprecedented challenges that 2020 / 2021 brought.

Over the past two years we have seen and experienced increases in costs across all aspects of our business and up until this point have managed to absorb the vast majority of increases without passing this on to our customers.

Unfortunately, due to the continued rise in costs across production, transport and general business, we respectfully wish to inform you that as from 1st August 2022 we will be introducing a price increase across the Amber and Devi ranges.

You will receive a new A4 sized “branch” brochure with RRP prices over the next week through the post and it will also be available to download from the website shortly for your reference.

For quick reference you can download the Amber and DEVI prices here:

Amber RRP August 2022

DEVI RRP August 2022

Alternatively, if you require the new prices in excel format, please email retail@amberufh.co.uk