AmberMat packaging reduced

AmberMat packaging reduced

The primary purpose of packaging is to protect the product inside, the products must be kept secure during transport and be able to withstand the rigours of handling and storage.

With this in mind we took on the project to update our mat box packaging and create one box fit for purpose that is not only secure, attractive, eye catching but also reduced the materials used.

More and more consumers are paying attention to the packaging materials’ carbon footprint, re-usability and recyclability before making their buying decision. In fact how sustainable packaging is perceived, the more positive impact it has. The packaging design has a crucial role in defining how easy it is to separate the materials from each other and thus how easy the packaging is to reuse and recycle. Making more with less not only saves resources but also leaves less material for the consumer to handle.

Two thirds of people say that the packaging has an effect on their buying decisions. Packaging can also tell a whole story about the business behind the product and the product’s environmental, social and economical impacts. It is a tool to communicate our company’s values and great benefits that the product brings to the consumer.

The AmberMat box previously contained two elements, a brown cardboard box plus a cardboard printed wrap around.  Now the box is one element, a printed cardboard box, designed and printed as one complete item.

We are so pleased with the new packaging, our customers love it, it looks great on the shelf in showrooms and it has less impact on the environment, it’s a win win!

We are currently working on updating our electric heating cable packaging so watch this space for the new designs.

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