5 reasons to choose electric underfloor heating this winter

5 reasons to choose electric underfloor heating this winter

Now that we are officially in autumn – and with colder weather imminent – residents as well as business owners are starting to think about turning the heating on.

When it comes to heating a house or commercial building this winter, there are many reasons why electric underfloor heating comes out on top.

From its quick and simple installation to its ability to reduce energy bills, electric underfloor heating has many benefits.

As a leading supplier of electric underfloor heating products to the retail sector, we’ve taken a look at how electric underfloor heating works and why it’s the favourite heating system for so many.

How does electric underfloor heating work?

Electric underfloor heating systems use electrical heating elements which are installed underneath the floor and connected to a mains supply to warm a room from the ground up.

There are two main types of electric underfloor heating system – heating mats and loose lay heating cables. The suitability of each system depends on various factors, such as room size, flooring type, insulation and personal preference.

Heating mats feature electric heating elements secured to strong self-adhesive mats which can be rolled out within or underneath flooring to provide even warmth. These are ideal for regular-shaped rooms and large open-plan living areas often found in modern new-build houses.

Loose lay heating cables can be individually secured wherever they are needed. This makes them a popular choice for irregular-shaped rooms with obstacles, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

When choosing loose lay cables, using a decoupling membrane helps to embed and secure the heating cables for consistent heat distribution.

As well as heating rooms, electric underfloor heating can also be used for frost protection. Heating cables are laid under surfaces to prevent frost forming in dangerous areas, such as car parks, driveways and water pipes.

Electric underfloor heating has many benefits which make it an increasingly popular way to heat a residential or commercial building.

  1. It’s quick and easy to install

As electric underfloor heating doesn’t need to be connected to a boiler, it’s extremely easy to install. Heating mats or cables can be laid out quickly before simply connecting the system to the mains supply.

Plus, it’s straight-forward to combine electric underfloor heating with other energy sources such as solar panels, creating future-proof low-carbon heating.

Electric underfloor heating can be used with almost all floor finishes, from tile and stone to wooden flooring and even carpet, making it a versatile option for both residential and commercial projects.

  • It’s space-saving

Electric underfloor heating is understated and unintrusive. Without bulky radiators or heaters, it gives more freedom when designing a space and more space to live once installed.

As such, it’s particularly popular for smaller rooms, where space is limited, like bathrooms, or rooms with lots of large items, like offices or sports halls.

  • It creates a feeling of luxury

Underfloor heating undoubtedly creates luxuriously warm floors and adds a cosy feel to any room, providing a level of comfort more and more people look for.

This is particularly beneficial in rooms with tiled flooring, such as kitchens and bathrooms, as tiles are naturally cold to walk on.

Having a cosy and warm tiled floor in the bathroom can make all the difference when it comes to getting out of bed in the mornings!

  • It’s energy efficient

Installing and running electric underfloor heating is incredibly energy efficient.

Compared to a conventional boiler and radiator system which runs at around 70°C, electric underfloor heating runs at a much lower temperature of approximately 35°C. It therefore takes less time to heat up, using much less energy as a result.

Also, while radiators only heat the air closest to them, electric underfloor heating produces an even warmth, which means all the energy produced is used effectively and efficiently.

So, as the world becomes increasingly focused on a greener future, it’s easy to see why the demand for electric underfloor heating has sharply risen. In fact, a recent ‘Rated People’ study revealed that almost half of UK homeowners want to make changes to their property to make it more environmentally friendly.

  • It’s easy to control

With simple, independent thermostat controls, quickly warming a home or commercial space with electric underfloor heating couldn’t be easier.

And, with the option to heat different rooms (or zones) at different times or temperatures, a thermostat provides complete control of the underfloor heating.

Here at Amber, we offer a wide range of thermostats to suit your project and system. And, with our brand-new DT-two and DT-two+ thermostats, controlling underfloor heating has just become even simpler.

Fully programmable, intuitive and combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, our new thermostats ensure that the perfect temperature is maintained at all times.

Plus, with added Wi-Fi connectivity and seamless integration into a smart home system, the DT-two+ thermostat takes the control of underfloor heating to the next level.

Read more about our new thermostats here: https://www.amberufh.co.uk/amber-expands-underfloor-heating-portfolio-with-two-brand-new-thermostats/

Backed by over 30 years’ experience, here at Amber Underfloor Heating we supply highly efficient, effective and durable electric underfloor heating systems to tradespeople through wholesalers, distributers and kitchen, bathroom and tile show rooms.

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